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de Rutte Builders Corporation

CEO and Founder - Mark H. de Rutte
President - Linda M. Borello
Vice President - Construction Superintendent - Robert T.M. Allan
Treasurer - Head of field Construction - Shannon P. de Rutte

Mark D. Lyn-de Rutte is in charge of Industry Promotion

de Rutte Builders Corporation

CA License # 416695 - B + A

DIR #1000005599

...Construction Projects? "We do it all"...

Our history

de Rutte Builders Corporation... 

Started business in 1993, and incorporated in 2001. We bring our knowledge and expertise to any size project. 

We are a small construction company that concentrates in Residential and Commercial remodeling. 

We are organized, efficient and extremely competent. 

We have an excellent reputation based on our wealth of knowledge and our moxy to get it done!

*  Over thirty-five years in the Construction Industry and 25 years in business.

*  de Rutte Builders Corporation really loves the construction industry.

*  We bring our knowledge and expertise to each and every project. 

*  We tread lightly; we respect property and Client routines.

*  The old Adage "Form follows Function" truly is a principal that we adhere to.  
*  Organization! Organization! Organization! This precept extends to everything we do, from our initial introductions with clients, to the professionals whom created the project, to our subcontractors, inspectors, and to all the service people we rely upon.
*  Cleanliness is paramount; both in regard to safety and to the vision of the project as it unfolds. A clean jobsite represents the value we place in our work, and to the value we place in the professionals whom are creating the project with us. 

* de Rutte Builders Corporation, is a proud member of the North Coast Builders Exchange!

* Our Sub Contractor base is the absolute foundation to our success. We can't do what we do alone! 

We have established firm alliances with many capable trades’ people and professionals. They are experts in their fields, whom we are proud to work in conjunction with. Together we ply our craft in like minded efforts, to achieve the best possible product.  

* de Rutte Builders Corporation Guarantees to get the job done right; on time, within budget, and with the utmost integrity. 

...Sustainability! Yes!.

Our specialities

Commercial and Residential Remodeling...

Remodeling, Additions, Tenant Improvements, ADA accessibility, Toilet rooms, Lunchrooms, Lounges, Bank Facility installations, School District Projects, Installations, Repairs.

Additions, Remodels, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Studio's, Out buildings and Repairs. 

We implement and supervise all stages of a construction project. We interact with the Architect, Engineers, and support professionals throughout the planning stages, to completion. We provide our expertise in order to capitalize on the most efficient methods to apply. This in turn saves time and money which, ultimately is desired for a successful project.


Wells Fargo Bank: For the last twenty-two years, de Rutte Builders Corporation has contracted with Wells Fargo Bank as a Branch Maintenance Service Provider. This has entailed on-call maintenance and facilities support.  As a standalone General Contractor, de Rutte Builders has competitively bid and been awarded many Corporate Property projects with Wells Fargo. These projects have brought us from San Francisco to Eureka and over to Sacramento. The project scope has varied; from Branch remodels, Teller line replacements, Toilet rooms, Lunch rooms, Kitchenettes,, Office spaces, Tenant build outs, Roof access doors / ladders, HVAC roof equipment structural supports, Parking Lot paving upgrades, Lighting retrofitting, and some bank closures.   

School District Construction: We have completed and continue to work for a variety of School Districts throughout the North and East Bay areas.  We have completed many projects over the years including, Classroom remodels, ADA accessibility, Path of travel, Egress, Restroom installations, Computer Rooms, Eating area structures, Telephone/Data rooms, Modular classrooms, Storage buildings, Building repairs, Doors, Hardware, Fixture installations, and Support.

New home Construction - Building new residential homes from the ground up is not what we usually do! But, a number of homes have been built by de Rutte Builders Corporation. We enjoy the process from a bare lot, to handing over the keys . 

...Green? we do green! ...


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